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What to bring to Fundamentals
What to bring to Fundamentals


 ✔︎ 3 sets of sheets including fitted, flat, face cradle cover and pillowcase (you’ll reuse 1 and use the others for guest clients) *

  ✔︎ 4 king pillowcases (I have a pillow you can use)

  ✔︎ 4 hand towels (1 for for a bolster, 1 for wiping feet, 1 to stand on, 1 for wiping hands) PLEASE AVOID WHITE IF POSSIBLE.

  ✔︎ Holster for 8 oz cream container. I have some available for sale.

  ✔︎ We are sponsored by Pure Pro-no need to bring cream unless you have a favorite.

  ✔︎ Foot sanitizer💡A spray bottle with wintergreen alcohol (Walgreens and CVS carry it), Thieve’s Oil or Witch Hazel. 

  ✔︎ Light blanket if you get cold on the table

Please do NOT bring jersey / knit sheets. They don’t work well.


  ✔︎ Refillable water bottle. I have filtered water.

  ✔︎Snacks—quick and easy, like nuts & seeds, protein bars, cheese sticks, fruit. You will get hungry!

  ✔︎Microwave and fridge available if you want to eat lunch at the office.

  ✔︎Flip flops or slide-on slippers to keep your feet clean

  ✔︎Dress in layers. Keep your feet soft & nails short. (You don’t have to paint your nails.) If you shave, shave every day.

  ✔︎ Pencil or pen for notes

  ✔︎ Pay your balance for class via your original confirmation email.

 ✔︎  Sign your forms & fill out intake forms online via same email. ↑ 

  ✔︎ Know the type of ceiling for your room and how tall the ceiling is. If you have a drop ceiling, see what’s above it (just push up the tile).

Linen rental is available for $15/per day. Please let me know ahead of time. 

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