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Tuesday, December 05 2023
Massage cupping and a rant

Oy. Ever want to throw your computer across the room?

Even when it's not aforementioned laptop's fault?

I used to have an old Blogspot blog, mostly about massage. I also wrote sometimes about P90X, photography assignments and cooking.

This is neither here nor there, other than I have spend almost 2 hours in the last week attempting to login to my old Blogger account. Why bother? Let's just say it's a new project.

For who am I to NOT have new projects on the regular?


As you may know, I love cupping. I have a machine at my office, which saves my hands and forearms from overuse.  As I'm now (stands tall and proudly) an "influencer", I will share with you the cupping machine that's in my Amazon Store. 

It's a bit loud, but that doesn't bother me at all. No client has ever mentioned it, but I have seen others write about it's volume. So that's that.

I like it because the cups are easy to clean-I just soak them for a few minutes in soapy water, wipe and rinse. Just don't drop them on the concrete floor, because the glass cups will break. Ask me how I know.

Sometimes I use the massage cups "parked" on the client while I do barefoot massage somewhere else on same client's body. Mostly, I just glide them. What's cool is that their body tells the massage cups where to stop and hang out.

You can also leave the glass massage cups in place while you create Range of Motion moves in a pin and stretch type of situation.

At home, I use silicone massage cups. I've tried a few styles. My favorite right now, because they stick well, are Lure ionic massage cups. You can't glide with them, but they just stay put. If you're not jacked up, the silicone massage cups don't stick. Sometimes I get marked up, but othertimes not. So don't do massage cupping on exposed skin if you're going to be a swimsuit model that week.

Each Lure "2” cup is embedded with 6 negative ion beads. Negative ions are said to boost circulation and promote healing and overall physical well-being. Just suction one or as many cups as needed to the treatment area, apply pressure and keep in place for 3-5 minutes. For static ‘parked’ cupping or active cupping (pin & stretch) use only."

Again, these Lure massage cups DO NOT GLIDE.

If you want silicone massage cups that DO glide, check out these. What's nice about these massage cups is that they come in a variety of sizes for larger body parts. You can use the small silicone cups on, for instance, your forearms.

The medium cups might go on your shoulders, where the large silicone massage cups work well for larger surface areas, like the back or hips.

While I use the cupping machine at work on both myself and my clients, I use the Lure ones on my shoulders, low back and forearms. My adult kids use the other kinds weekly.


If you've made it this far, you should know that the links are affiliate links. I get a few pennies for each purchase. It doesn't affect your price.

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