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Best Massage in Cincinnati---Specializing in barefoot deep tissue massage
Monday, August 31 2009

Have a group of therapists who want to learn one of the modalities I teach, but can't take the time off work to travel to Cincinnati?

I can teach Ashiatsu, Ashi-Thai or Bamboo-fusion at your location! Give me a call at 513-238-0970 or email at to let me know which class you're interested in. We'll go from there!

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Saturday, August 22 2009
It's day 2 of Barefoot Basics in our Ashiatsu class. All 8 students are doing well, although some are a bit fatigued. You use your body in a different way than most people do!
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Wednesday, August 19 2009

A month late, the State of Ohio Medical Board finally announced the results of the medical board exam for massage therapists. My school, SHI Integrative Medical Massage School, had an excellent pass rate of above 91%.

The massage exam is very difficult and takes up to 4 hours. So congratulations to all new massage therapists in Ohio! Now, to find a job...

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Monday, August 17 2009
If you're into Twitter, you can also follow me there.
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Monday, August 17 2009
Sign up for September 11-13 Barefoot Basics in Cincinnati and get a free educational dvd! The value is $25, and it's beautifully done.
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Monday, August 17 2009
I now have all the Ashi-Thai registration information online for those who like to really investigate prior to signing up for class. You'll have information about lodging, what to wear, directions, etc if you take a look at the page. It's under the Register Now link with the drop down Ashi-Thai Info.
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Sunday, August 16 2009

The Kentucky AMTA chapter spring conference in Lexington will be having me present a 3 CEU class! I'll be teaching Bamboo-fusion to all interested students who want a little introduction.

Bamboo sets will be available for purchase after class.

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Saturday, August 15 2009
I'm going to be a guest speaker doing ashiatsu demonstrations at Southwestern College in Cincinnati on August 31. Setting up my portable bars, I'll be actually doing and explaining some of the strokes.
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Friday, August 14 2009
Sign up for our September 11-13 Barefoot Basics class by September 1, 2009, and you'll receive a FREE educational DVD. Value: $25! Sign up online at
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Wednesday, August 12 2009
Need high quality logo shirts for your company or team? Try the Queensboro Shirt Co. I got my embroidered shirts through them. The quality is high and prices very reasonable. Click on the link at the sidebar!
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Monday, August 10 2009
We had a great group of ladies for our August 7-8 bamboo class this past weekend. My next class is scheduled for October 5-6.
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Thursday, August 06 2009

You can keep up with me on Twitter if you want. Go to my contact page and check it out!

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Thursday, August 06 2009

I am so busy with life and work that I've unfortunately neglected this blog! The exciting news is that I'll be offering the new modality Ashi-Thai classes in October.

Ashi-Thai is like traditional Thai massage in that the client is fully clothed with loose, comfortable clothing and that no oils or creams are used. The therapist works with the client's breath to move him into various positions. This helps increase the energetic flow through the body as well as relax the body and loosen muscles.

It differs in that the therapist works on the massage table (so that the client's head doesn't have to be turned to the side), and he or she uses feet and leg strength. The overhead Ashiatsu bars are used for balance.

I just finished my instructor training with the founder. It feels great during as well as after receiving the work!

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