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Best Massage in Cincinnati---Specializing in barefoot deep tissue massage
Wednesday, February 29 2012
If you're a massage therapist who does deep tissue work, you may want to consider taking our Barefoot Basics Ashiatsu class. Your clients will love the deep tissue massage because it's smooth and comfortable. You'll love that you can do deep tissue massage without having to ice your hands (or feet)!
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Monday, February 20 2012
I pushed  my advanced ashi dates back one day to May 19-21 2012. It'll be Sat - Mon. 
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Tuesday, February 07 2012

Why is massage so expensive? If you're not self employed, it's hard to understand why someone can appear to earn such a high hourly rate. Here are some reasons for the price for many massage therapists:

~If we don't work, we don't get paid. There's no such thing as a paid vacation, sick day or holiday.
~Being self employed, there are no 401K plans, dental, vision or health insurance included.
~Rent, utilities, phone, website, internet access, online booking, gift certificates, business cards and brochures are regular expenses that come out of our wages.
~An electric massage table costs about $1500 or more, a good quality portable is at least $400 (my original massage table purchased in 1997 was over $600).
~For me, every 3 clients = 1 load of laundry, which requires detergent, water, electricity and of course a washer and dryer.
~ An inexpensive gallon of massage cream currently runs $48. Oil is often more. Don't forget the cost of sheets, towels, paper goods, CD/ipod player and music.
~Any responsible LMT will have liability insurance, which costs several hundred dollars per year.
~Continuing education is required--many professional memberships or licensing boards require 48 hours every 4 years, most of which is very pricey. (Not to mention that we often have travel expenses included).
~Licensing fees are paid to licensing boards, typically every 2 years.
~Any advertising done is paid out of pocket by the massage therapist.
~Full time for a massage therapist is considered 20+ hour of hands on due to paperwork, laundry, time in between clients, etc. So although we may have 20 hours of clients, it's more like 35-40 with all the other stuff involved. (Unless you work for someone else, then you get paid less but work less too).
~And then there are taxes...

I'm sure I've not remembered everything, but there's a good start. As you can see, this ends up being not a very high hourly rate after all!

And as a tangent, Groupon takes 50% of your 50% off deal, giving you 25% of your original price minus 3% for credit card fees. Living Social is slightly better, taking only 40% or so. If you use one of those deals for massage, tip your therapist and return to him or her. That's the whole point of a vendor doing a big deal.


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