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Thursday, June 30 2011

Does therapist size for Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy matter?

Not size or weight, per se, but it's more a matter of strength and flexibility. I've had 200 pound people in class who have been strong as a bull and did well, yet others who weigh 130 and have not enough strength to pull up their weight.

Can you get on and off a 24" and 29" stool with ease? Are you able to walk delicately on the massage table without disturbing your client?

Now, advanced ashiatsu, using 2 footed strokes, is another gig entirely. You do need to have both core and upper body strength to dismount gracefully off your client's triceps, QLs, etc. Two footed strokes are recommended for clients who weigh AT LEAST 50 or more pounds than you do. So if you're working on women most of the time, you don't even need to take the 2 footed advanced ashiatsu class.

I offer Deepfeet 2 (Advanced Ashiatsu) only once per year, and the next one is in August.

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