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Best Massage in Cincinnati---Specializing in barefoot deep tissue massage
Thursday, July 07 2011

If you are interested in periodically receiving discounts for massage in Cincinnati, make sure you visit the "sign up here" on the right side of the pages. Once in a while, my earstwhile operations manager decides that I'm not working quite hard enough, so he sends out coupons for my Cincinnati massage studio.

One of the most recent ones was for $49 for an hour massage, which is quite a savings off my usual $65 price.

Speaking of disounts, a number of people have asked me when my next Groupon massage sale is. It's never, so don't hold your breath! You're better off just signing up for our discounts. ("Why?" you may ponder? Did you know that Groupon takes 50% of the proceeds from the offer? This means that the business owner is making 25% of their regular price.)

I'll save my Groupon musings for another day.

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