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Best Massage in Cincinnati---Specializing in barefoot deep tissue massage
Wednesday, July 20 2011

When I first learned Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy barefoot massage, I was almost a little hesitant about doing the work on paying clients. Cincinnati is a bit conservative, and I thought people would think it was weird. So I didn't push it for a while.

But Ashiatsu was MY favorite style of massage, and it was my chiropractor's too. He was getting great results from his clients receiving the barefoot work. And I was starting to have pain in my left hand as well as trouble with my right elbow. I realized that: Ashiatsu feels great and gives fabulous, lasting results. Ashiatsu barefoot therapy makes life easier for the therapist by utilizing body weight and gravity.

If you think feet are disgusting, then Ashiatsu bar therapy is NOT for you. But if you love a good, relaxing super deep tissue massage that is going to make you feel better for days, then you should try it!

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