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Best Massage in Cincinnati---Specializing in barefoot deep tissue massage
Monday, August 27 2012
Have you ever had someone walk on your back? Sometimes, it's one of your children. Or maybe your spouse stepped on you when you came home from work with an aching back.

If your massage therapist doesn't "walk on your back", maybe you should ask him/her about taking a class.

Back walking, in my case, actually, is a mis-nomer. When I did a demonstration for massage students one time, a woman told me I looked like I was "skating on the client's back." This is actually a perfect visual for ashiatsu (well, minus the cold and the skates).

The massage therapist using gliding and sweeping movements across the client's body. And one of the reasons you can't learn barefoot massage properly online or from a video or book is because it's vital for the therapist with whom you practice to give you feedback while you work.

So our barefoot massage workshop / training / classes are the perfect place to learn to skate or discover the art of back walking. You can learn Ashiatsu barefoot bar massage in our Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy classes across the United States. Go to for the nationwide schedule.

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