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Best Massage in Cincinnati---Specializing in barefoot deep tissue massage
Wednesday, October 28 2015
Finding the therapist you need

There's no one massage that is a right fit for everyone. Indeed, many people like a variety of massage styles. The therapist I usually trade with is a CE (class) junkie.

I schedule 2-hour massages with her--she works deeply with Ashiatsu and cupping, stretches me with Ashi-Thai and spends extra time trying out new stuff she's learned. 

For my birthday a few months ago, I went to another therapist for deep tissue hands on massage. Sometimes I like craniosacral, which is super light and amazingly relaxing.

When a new client came in today, he told me how he's been getting a massage every month. He's got some weird pains that have lasted for years--he has seen doctors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors and massage therapists. He never really finds respite.

A few weeks ago he was complaining to his buddy that he felt like he needed someone to walk on him. "Well," said his friend, "have I got a therapist for you!"

So I cautiously worked on him. Usually, I can tell what pressure someone needs, but this was a special case due to what was going on with his body. Over and over again I checked with him about pressure, using cupping therapy, ashiatsu barefoot massage and Ashi-Thai stretching.

Smiling broadly when he came out of the session, he happily exclaimed, "I've been looking for you for 10 YEARS!"

There's no better compliment for a therapist when a client feels so much better after a session. Sure, getting paid is great, but a smile where there was just a short time ago a grimace is what makes it click for massage therapists.

I got into this business to help others, and it's days like today that really makes my heart happy.

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