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Best Massage in Cincinnati---Specializing in barefoot deep tissue massage
Tuesday, April 18 2017
You can't stop us

We knew it would happen but maybe did not understand the ramifications. You see, when you leave an Ashiatsu barefoot massage company and that company's not happy when you start your own barefoot massage company, you discover that some of the massage industry may not have your back.

I have no doubt this happens in other sectors of business as well. When people are catty and maliciously gossip, there are bound to be aftershocks. 

But we shall persevere! Our new company, the Center for Barefoot Massage, is going strong. While currently my friend Jeni Spring and I are the only 2 teaching, we have other seasoned instructors coming on soon as well as some newbies.

In fact, in my class this week we'll be working with a brand new instructor, one who's been doing Ashiatsu barefoot massage for many years. She's taken all levels of classes that I previously taught and runs a successful barefoot massage business. More on her later.

Barefoot massage classes will soon be offered throughout the US. We have many awesome things going on right now that others don't--a membership site is in the works, and it will be chock full of information we know barefoot therapists need.

Stay tuned!

Our 2 year later Center for Barefoot Massage update...

Turns out when you're bringing other barefoot massage instructors on board, writing barefoot massage blog posts, creating membership site, certifications, and all the STUFF  there is in being a sole-prenuer, you may forget about your little website blog.

Our new barefoot massage training website

Here's the quickie on the Center for Barefoot Massage:

  • We have a free membership site for all of our barefoot massage Tribe
  • We have a private facebook group, which is VERY active
  • Our courses now are Fundamentals, Intermediate, ROM (Range of Motion), Advanced, Hot Ashi, and Fijian!
  • We have a total of (I think-I'm losing count!) 13 instructors in WA, OR, CA, CO, TX (2), MO, OH, FL, NC, NY, AL and VA (coming this winter)!!!
  • Our registration system handles all of our instructors' barefoot massage classes
  • Our Pro Membership site is about to launch (summer 2019)
  • We have an admin assistant working 20 hours a week
  • Our YouTube channel has almost 100 videos on it
  • Our Insta is popping
  • Our Facebook page is growing by leaps and bounds
  • We have a fresh new website

Whew! Yah, baby. We're chuggin' along.

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