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Best Massage in Cincinnati---Specializing in barefoot deep tissue massage
Sunday, September 16 2007

This is the final portion of Massaging with Sole.

Ruthie Hardee and her team of dedicated instructors currently teach four classes in barefoot massage. I teach on a regular basis in Cincinnati, OH and am currently in Denver, CO, having just taught the introductory course followed by Anterior. I taught in Davenport, IA a couple of weeks ago to some wonderful therapists eager to learn this barefoot massage.

Barefoot Basics are one footed strokes suited for the posterior side of the client's body. Any therapist with grace and coordination can learn these strokes, and she or he learn to shift body weight according to the client's needs. In Anterior/Side-Lying, the massage therapist learns both clinical side lying work as well as a luxurious spa approach to the anterior side of the client's body. The client's eyes are comfortably covered during this anterior massage, and all neck and pectoral work is done with the LMT seated on a stool. Arms and legs are included in the anterior protocol as well.

The advanced class of Deepfeet 2 teaches the massage therapist to use his or her entire body weight in two footed posterior strokes which are well suited for larger clients who really need or enjoy deep tissue massage. Therapists need good upper arm and core strength to give this wonderful two footed massage. And finally, the Fusion-Blend is considered to be the final mastery of all the posterior strokes, and it may be taken after Deepfeet 2.

As author Toby Osborne says, "Of course, whether you try Ashiatsu because you want to recharge your chi or relax your body, barefoot massage has an illustrious past that's worth celebrating."

If you're interested in trying Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (otherwise known as AOBT),  Hardee's website  has a therapist locator service for all the states with certified Ashiatsu therapists. Not all AOBT therapists choose to list on the site, but you can always contact Ruthie at if you can't find a certified Ashiatsu therapist in your area.

Have a group of therapists in your area needing to learn Ashiatsu? Please contact me at


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