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Best Massage in Cincinnati---Specializing in barefoot deep tissue massage
Friday, February 15 2008

We as massage therapists have responsiblities for many things as we work on our clients. Safety, comfort and pain relief are a few things that come to mind. But another large responsiblity is one of information--letting the clients know what's going on with their bodies.

Of course we tell them about knots, kinks, trigger points, referred areas of pain and more. But what about fatty deposits, unusual skin patterns or large moles? Many times, the client doesn't know about these. Sometimes they do, but they just don't mention them.

Like one of my clients years ago, a
n elderly widow. I was quite suprised to see the largest fatty deposit I'd ever seen (and have yet to see). Running lengthwise over his spine, the area raised was at least 6" wide and 12" long. When I mentioned it to him, he said that he knew it was there. The man's doctor wasn't inclined to take it off as it didn't bother the client. But he was glad that I had mentioned it and asked if I found anything else unusual (which I didn't).

Another client just recently came in after having a mole removed. I inspected it closely as he wanted to know what it looked like. The following week, I discovered an unusual pattern of what looked to be blisters around the mole. As it looked worse than the previous week, I urged him to check with his physician.

Turns out that he was allergic to the ointment that had been prescribed, and a simple change of medication soothed the itchiness and blistering.

Massage therapists have pointed out moles that have been malignant, thereby saving clients' lives. Let's keep up with the tradition of informed responsibilty. You never know who it'll benefit.

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